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Increasing SEO Rankings Using Expired Domains

Creating Your Private Blog Network

One of the important things in building your PBN or Private Blog Network is buying a name. Your domain name is like your brand, which is why you should be very careful when choosing one. You can’t just buy anything that pops into your screen or just randomly pick something cheap. There are factors that you need to consider when choosing your domain name and if you get things right, you will surely reach the heights of your online success. As a newbie, you surely don’t want to compete with millions of great bloggers out there because that’s definitely not the best way to achieve your goals. You should look for domain names with existing profiles and great Google¬†history.

What does great Google history mean?

People today are very much Google-oriented. When someone asks about something bizarre, it’s always Google to the rescue. For that, you should look for a domain that has a good Google background. Nothing spammy or questionable like those annoying gamble and triple X pages that usually pop up from unverified websites. Look for an expired domain that has a high page ranking and many regular visitors if you want to succeed in creating a visit-worthy site.

How to Look for Expired Domains for Sale

There are many expired domains out there, but you have to make sure that you don’t purchase the fake ones. Expired, archived or about to expire sites are often auctioned by partner sites like Go Daddy, Name Jet and Snap Names. There are other companies out there, but so far, most people trust these sites whenever they wish to get domains. There are thousands or even millions of domains on these sites, so be sure to use advanced filter options to eliminate those that you shouldn’t get. The domains that are offered here are those that haven’t been re-registered by their owners and are often sold at lower prices, compared to new domain names.

How to Increase Your SEO Ranking After Purchasing a Domain Name

After purchasing a domain name, it’s time to put things to work. The good thing about PBNs is that you can choose what types of contents you wish to put. This includes the banners that you want to appear on your site, as well as the images and the texts. This is something that actually attracts regular readers, because they know you are not just posting stuff that will waste their time. By putting stuff that are related to each other, it’s easier for readers to search and they won’t be annoyed by pop ads that may not help them at all. Managing your website properly will make your readers loyal so you can get higher ratings and rankings in the future. Don’t forget about finding a good hosting company, too. After all, your readers won’t be able to do anything if your site is always down for maintenance.

How much should I pay for expired domains?

There are no specific rates for expired domains, especially if you are just depending on auctions. At the moment, it’s safe to say that you can get something as cheap as $28, but that doesn’t count for all auction partner sites. You’ll have to check from time to time to see how much they cost.

Sometimes, you can get sites easily, while there are also moments where you have to fight for what you want. As long as you are using all the search tools correctly and you have eagerness to study what the readers want to see online, you’ll go a long way and eventually reach the ranks that you wish for.

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